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If you’re looking to scale your business, increase sales, generate leads and create AWESOME brand awareness using social media and paid advertising our team of Facebook and Instagram experts can help you. We've worked with hundreds of brands to deliver impressive results and our team are both Facebook Blueprint and Google Ads qualified. Let's get your campaign started!

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Everyone is social!

With more users active on social media than ever before, paid social advertising provides a HUGE opportunity to get your products in front of people and reach your audience wherever they are, even when they least expect it.

Growth Potential

Facebook and Instagram ads offer tremendous growth potential; the sky's the limit. Once we've created those winning ads and built targeted audiences, we can scale upwards in a stable, cost-effective way. Boost sales, generate leads and make your brand SHINE!

Audience Specific

Due to unique targeting capabilities and breadth of customer insight data our specialists are able to build a bespoke strategy that suits YOUR business needs, making sure we target the right types of people with the right type of ad.

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Social Advertising

Our team of qualified paid advertising experts will craft and deliver a social advertising campaign to promote your business that’s entirely in line with your unique online tone of voice and business goals.

We’re skilled at creating paid ad campaigns on the major platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter and Reddit so you can be sure we find your audience in all the right places!

We’ll create a strategy to meet your goals, whether that’s sales, leads or brand awareness and user engagement.

As your partner, we handle everything… the copy, the creatives, the conversion tracking and the longer-term community management.

just look at what we've achieved

Our Results Speak For Themselves


We successfully scaled a beauty subscription brand, doubling the ad spend within the first month and achieving sales growth of over 150%.


We launched a Facebook and Google Ad campaign for a local health & wellbeing service and exceeding year 1 referral targets by 50%.


Through a targeted Instagram brand awareness campaign promoting the launch of a new drink brand we created creating over 1 million impressions in just one month.

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Our Strategy

Paid Social Advertising

We specialise in paid advertising on a variety of platforms, including Facebook and Google Ads, to enable you to achieve your revenue goals. 

Before every campaign launches, we find the right channels and audiences for your business, so we can present them with highly targeted and relevant ads designed to convert. Our campaigns are data-driven and generating our clients a high ROI is at the forefront of every marketing decision. 

Whether your brand requires a cross-channel and large scale strategy or you plan to start smaller with your ad spends, we can scale our campaigns to suit your unique goals.

What's involved

Managing your campaign

Weekly Updates Monthly Report 24/7 Support
“This is amazing, so thank you for doing this for us. We are very comfortable with the daily spend, and yes we can go even higher for these results! The more customers we can get at this CPA is great so regardless of the spend if the results stay like this, then we are more than ready to go for it!”
National Pet Magazine Subscription
Facebook Paid Advertising Campaign
The chapter 3 touch

Endless Growth Potential

Our specialists will work with you to fully understand your customer journey, breaking it down into clear and measurable stages of the funnel.

From here, our ad campaigns are designed to complement this and reach your target audience at each stage with the right types of content, to keep them moving towards their buying decision and that crucial conversion stage. 

Each of our Facebook and Instagram campaigns are 100% scalable to suit your budgets, product ranges and specific goals.

We understand how vital an ROI is, so our experts are always auditing and analysing our ad campaigns to pinpoint opportunities and ensure the ads are not just being seen but most importantly converting.

Ready to Create Your Own Success Story?

WHat makes us different

Why work with Chapter 3?

We are a team of highly skilled digital marketing specialists, and our agency boasts a ten year+ history in this rapidly evolving industry.

Our content creators craft social media content that not only fits your tone of voice but sparks emotion and resonates with your audience to push them to convert. We take the responsibility of managing your paid advertising budget seriously and will work to develop a funnel strategy that will meet your business objectives and KPIs.

Our social media marketing agency will help uplift your online presence and build a loyal following. We pride ourselves on our meticulous attention to your account, fair pricing and honest monthly reporting – you will never be left in the dark about how your budget is spent and the results achieved.

"They always seemed to hit the numbers and targets we gave. They were also extremely agile and quick to respond, especially during the recent disruptions around COVD-19. It felt like the team had eyes on 24/7, 7 days of the week.”

National Beauty Subscription
Facebook Advertising Campaign